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Ensure that your Lake Maggiore Stresa Private Guides are licensed before you book your Private Stresa Tour!

Private Tour Guides or Tourist Guides are often referred to simply as Guides and this general term is used by many people to identify two different professions, confusing tour leaders and tour directors with local tour guides.

As far as urban areas are concerned, in Italy as well as in other European countries there's an important distinction between Local Tour Guides and Tour Directors/ Managers and in both cases a professional licence is required.

When it comes to rural areas (walking holidays, hiking tours) there are other tourism professionals involved: the hiking guides who are required to have a specific license too. Hiking Guides are also called Nature or Walking Guides.

HIKING GUIDES can work in rural terrain in lowland and hilly areas (not in urban areas) as well as alpine sceneries and can guide within protected areas, national parks, regional parks.

TOUR DIRECTORS/MANAGERS/LEADERS assist tourists on domestic day trips or multi-day tours in Italy and abroad. They handle the tour logistics and provide general information. They are required to accompany groups on local tours but they cannot provide specific information or guided tours in the places of interest.

That's the reason why most tour operators that want to provide their customers with

a high-quality and professional service include local tour guides.

Tourist Guiding is a regulated profession in Italy.

What does it mean? It means that practice of this profession is restricted by national and regional laws

LOCAL TOUR GUIDES have a permit that allows them to work within a specific area which usually corresponds to a district (that we call Provincia in Italian) . This license is issued by a local authority (Province / Region) or is officially recognized by it. Aspiring tourist guides must pass a selection test before going through a study program and being educated and trained according to national guidelines and regional standards. Then they are required to successfully pass a final examination not only in Italian but also in one foreign language or more. All this in order to be registered as a Tour Guide on the official list and be able to undertake this profession.

Italy has the largest Art Heritage in the world. Tourist guiding is therefore a very important profession. Its regulation and protection are essential to interpret this huge heritage and to provide tourists and visitors with a quality guiding service.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the area where they work and usually live, they are often known as Local Guides.

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