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Guided tours for ready-made groups, small parties, families, couples and individuals.

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Lake Maggiore Stresa Tours also operates on enchanting lake Orta, just a short drive from lake Maggiore.

There is really a lot to be discovered on lake Orta and taking a private tour led by a local licensed guide can be a great way to explore this medieval corner of the Italian lakes.

Private tours are available at the most convenient times to you. They can take place in the morning, in the early afternoon or late afternoon and can last from 2 hours on, also depending on the number of people you are.

Private tours are available for couples, individuals, small parties, families with children, big ready-made groups.

Sample itineraries for private guided tours of lake Orta:

- a two-hour tour which includes the old village of Orta San Giulio and the quaint island of San Giulio.

The guide will meet you at your hotel in Orta or at another convenient place. You will explore the old alleys of Orta San Giulio discovering the frescoed villas and ancient buildings before getting to the peaceful island of San Giulio for a visit to the old Basilica and for a guided walk between the elegant villas and the Abbey.

- a three-hour guided tour which includes the village of Orta San Giulio, the quaint island of San Giulio and a private mini cruise on lake Orta to enjoy the panorama. 

- a four-hour guided tour which includes the village of Orta, the island of S. Giulio and the Sacred Mount of Saint Francis of Assisi - a Unesco site. (the Sacro Monte of Orta).

The Sacro Monte of Orta is well worth a visit. You will see the most interesting chapels decorated with statues and frescoes in a very special setting on the promontory of lake Orta

NOTES: if you are not based on lake Orta and you do not have a private vehicle at your disposal, transportation can easily be arranged from Stresa, baveno, Verbania, Arona and any other place on lake Maggiore.

Lake Orta can also be reached for a day trip from lake Como or from Milan.

Get a tailor-made itinerary and quote. 

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