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For a private boat trip of isola Bella and Borromean islands from Stresa, Baveno and Pallanza, visit the pages dedicated to the Borromeo islands:  

Boat Tour of Borromean Islands               Boat Tour of Isola Bella Borromeo

Private boat excursions on lake Maggiore

Explore lake Maggiore by boat! On a scenic guided cruise on lake Maggiore you can enjoy the beauty of its coastline, the charm of its gorgeous towns and gardens and a great view of the Alps with no effort! Relaxing on a comfortable boat your eyes will be distracted by the splendour of lake Maggiore, while  a local guide will enable you to know more about the natural and architectural marvels you will admire as well as about the local area and any curiosity you may have.

Cruising lake Maggiore can be an excellent way to discover what it has to offer!

Both ferries and private taxi boats are available. Ferries leave at scheduled sailing times while aboard a water taxi you can cruise at your own pace choosing your itinerary and the lenght of your boat trip.

The longest cruise available departs from the town of Arona and arrives at Locarno in Switzerland over 4 hours later. Shorter cruises to Locarno depart from Stresa (about 3 hours), Baveno, Verbania Intra and Cannobio.

Other guided cruises and boat trips on lake Maggiore 

 - an hour cruise from Stresa as far as the medieval town of Cannobio

 - an hour boat tour to Arona from Stresa, Baveno or Verbania discovering Lake Maggiore's southern shores and the attractive coastal towns

 -an hour cruise in the central part of lake Maggiore including the Borromeo Gulf with Isola Bella and Borromean Islands as well as the hermitage of  Santa Caterina del Sasso

- an hour private boat tour to the castle of Cannero (islands of Cannero) 

 - a half  hour boat trip to the gardens of Villa Taranto in Pallanza


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