Garden Tours - The best lake Maggiore's gardens

Visit Lake Maggiore and be enchanted by its ultimate gardens!

The largest gardens that can be found on lake Maggiore are in Pallanza: they were established in the 1930s by a Scotsman and open to the public in the 1950s.

Known as Villa Taranto gardens, they represent a paradise for garden lovers with over 20 000 different species and varieties of plants can be found strolling through its lanes.

Another beautiful garden that is privately owned but can visited from March until October is the botanical park on isola Madre, owned by the Borromeo family.

It's a lovely English-style garden that was conceived in the 19th century where many exotic and mediterranean species can be seen. A peaceful guided promenade accompanied by peacocks, phaisants and birds that live in freedom on the island.

Last but not least, is the stunning Italianate garden on isola Bella. Built on ten levels, this terraced gardens is the triumph of the Baroque time. The view from the boat is something unique and a guided stroll among its incredible trees, flowers, statues and staircases is something breathtaking.

These three gardens are really