- Tour of the Angera Fortress Castle


The Angera fortress or castle - Rocca in Italian - belongs to the Borromeo family. Previously owned by the Archbishops of Milan and then by the Visconti Dukes, the fortress was acquired by the Borromeo's ancestors in 1449. Strategically built on a cliff edge overlooking the southern end of lake Maggiore, the fortress/castle of Angera lies on the lombard shore of the lake opposite Arona. The fortress was originally built in the 9th century on the ruins of a roman castrum (fort). The fortress layout was then changed and enlarged during works undertaken by both Viscontis and Borromeos. The castle is today a well preserved building comprising of an inner court, two towers and three distinct parts built at different moments. The main room in the castle is The Hall of Justice where one can admire a well-preserved fresco cycle illustrating the victory of Otto Visconti in 1277 presumably painted a few years later. By the end of the 1980s an interesting museum was opened inside: a collection of antique dolls including more than 1 000 pieces.


If you are based in Stresa, Baveno, Verbania or lake Orta, we will reach together the town of Angera where the Borromeo castle is located. If you come from Milan or from the lombard shore of the lake, I will meet you in the car park in front of the entrance. We will visit its old rooms and courtyards as well as the interesting antique dolls museum which is housed inside. If you do not have a private vehicle at your disposal, it is possible to arrange transportation.


This guided tour is available every day from 23rd March until 21st October 2018

This is NOT a shared tour. Whether touring as a ready-made group, a family, an individual, a couple, or a small group of friends, this will be a private guided tour

This tour can start in the morning or in the afternoon at the time that is most convenient for you.

Lengtht of visit: half day

Meeting point: your hotel lobby

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