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Visit to the Botanical Gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania Pallanza

Explore the gardens on a tour accompanied by a local guide who can make the difference


Blessed with a mild and favourable climate year round and by an acid soil with a high humus content, Lake Maggiore offers many incredible gardens and parks. Some are privately-owned and never open to the public; others are occasionally open for special events. Since 1952, when the first visitors were allowed, the celebrated Gardens of Villa Taranto have become a major attraction on lake Maggiore not only for garden lovers . Exploring these large gardens, immersed in a peaceful and natural setting, visitors can discover many exotic plants and trees surrounded by an explosion of scents, colours and shapes. These large and impressive gardens were established by a Scotsman who bought the estate comprising a late 19th-century villa in 1931. He had a passion for botany and his name was Captain Neil McEachern. The gardens contain a vast collection including 20,000 different species and varieties of plants and offer something beautiful in every season. In April visitors are welcomed by thousands of tulips blooming in a myriad of colours, while from July until autumn they can stroll along the meandering path lined with hundreds of varieties of dahlias.


We will visit Lake Maggiore's most famous botanic gardens walking along the stone-paved alleys that allow visitors to admire the rich natural heritage of this huge park. You will discover rare plants as well as the most curious and interesting trees and flowers.


This tour is available from 15th March to 4th November 2018

This is NOT a shared tour. Whether touring as a ready-made group, a family, an individual, a couple, or a small group of friends, this will be a private tour

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Meeting point: entrance to the gardens in Verbania Pallanza or your hotel lobby

This tour can start in the morning or in the afternoon at the time that is most convenient for you. Length of visit: 2 hours / 2 and a half hours