Isola Bella's Borromeo Palace - Private Guided Boat Tours

Borromeo islands with a private tour guide. A visit to the Borromeo palace on isola Bella guided by an expert local guide. Private tours by boat and sightseeing for groups, small parties, families, couples

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The Palazzo Borromeo Palace on isola Bella is a major tourist attraction on this gem of an island located in lake Maggiore, just in front of Stresa.

Conceived and designed to be spectacular, a typical feature of Baroque art and architecture, this splendid 17th-century mansion certainly doesn't go unnoticed!

The founder of this amazing palace was Vitaliano VI, an ancestor of the aristocrat family - The Borromeos - who still owns the property.

Among the numerous rooms that are open to the public, we can find the painting gallery that houses an important collection of paintings laid out on the walls of a ractangular-shaped room designed to house art collections.

Visitors are astonished by the amount of paintings on display. By walking from one room to the next we will discover the opulence of this huge Palace that has been dominating the Borromeo Gulf for centuries, thus drawing the travellers' attention to isola Bella, today just like centuries ago and during the "Grand Tour" period, when Isola Bella was an obligatory stop for the European aristocrats.

The beautiful Grottoes, located in the lower level of the building, close to lake Maggiore's waters, impress visitors because of the material used to decorate them. Once the guided tour in the Borromeo palace is over, we will find ourselves immersed in the fabulous gardens of isola Bella where among statues and staircases, among flowerbeds and panoramic views, we will be able to discover another corner of paradise in the middle of beautiful lake Maggiore.


We will meet at the pier in Stresa, Baveno or Verbania or in your hotel lobby.

Our guided tour (private tour or tour for ready-made groups) of the Borromeo Palace on the Borromeo islands will start in the palace through the many rooms, including the isola Bella painting gallery and the grottoes. Once the guided tour of the palace is over, we will continue our visit to the magnificent gardens.


This private guided tour by boat or group tour in the Borromeo palace can take place every day, on demand, from 23rd March 2018 until 21st October 2018

In the rest of the year the palace is closed. However, it is possible to visit the quaint villages on island Isola Bella and Pescatori (Fishermen's island) all the year round by private boat

Borromeo islands group tours: this tour is available also for readymade groups. If you are a couple or a family private tours on demand are available. Lake Maggiore Stresa Tours does not offer shared tours. Inquiry:

This guided tour is suitable for couples, families with children, small parties, cultural groups, associations, ready-made groups, students

Meeting point: Stresa, Baveno, Verbania Pallanza pier or your hotel lobby

Other meeting points can be fixed upon request

This tour lasts about 2 hours and includes isola Bella's Borromeo palace and gardens

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