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In this website you will find a wide selection of exclusive private tours and guided excursions to the Borromean islands and in the Lake Maggiore & Lake Orta area that will allow you to discover this beautiful corner of Italy with its famous landmarks and hidden treasures.

You will also find descriptions of Lake Lugano and Lake Como as itineraries for day trips from Lake Maggiore and Orta with a private driver.

The Beauty of the Italian Lake District

When we mention The Italian Lakes or Italian Lake District we refer to the lakes in the North of Italy, between the Alps and the Po plain.

The lake District of Italy includes several gorgeous lakes located in four different regions: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige. The westernmost lake is Lago d'Orta - lake Orta - in Piedmont and the easternmost lake is Lago di Garda - lake Garda which is located in three different regions: Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino.

In between are lake Maggiore, lake Lugano (but only a small part is in Italy, the bigger part including the town of Lugano is in Switzerland), lake Como and lake Iseo as well as minor lakes like Varese, Mergozzo, Idro and a few others.

Lake Maggiore, Orta, Como and Lugano are close enough for day tours from one lake to another, even though getting around without a car or an organized tour may not be that easy. Lake Iseo and Garda are not ideal for a day trip from / to the others as they are located farther away.

All of them have a peculiar charm but if you one has to make a choice Lake Maggiore should be the favourite destination.

Why? Simply because it is too beautiful to miss! The following words may tell you why:

"If one has a heart and a shirt, he should sell the shirt to see the surroundings of lake Maggiore" these words were written by the illustrious French author Stendhal and do give the idea of Lake Maggiore's beauty

MAGNIFICENT  LAKE  MAGGIORE  (Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland)    Discover the tours: Lake Maggiore Private Tours    

Lake Maggiore has been fascinating travellers from all over the world for centuries. Surrounded by gentle mountains and hills, it offers panoramic views that you will hardly find on other lakes. Stresa, the chief town, is a very elegant place with its Grand Hotels and its superb lakeside setting. The isole Borromee - Borromean Islands - are three incredible islands, a unique spot, where visitors can step back in time while discovering centuries-old mansions and spectacular gardens. Lago Maggiore is synonymous with gorgeous little towns, castles, grand villas, botanic gardens, medieval villages and churches, food and wine, art & culture, relaxation. For those who like an active holiday, there are plenty of activities that can be chosen: hill-walking, mountain-trekking, swimming (of course), cycling, golfing, biking, photography.

When staying on lake Maggiore, you could be in two countries in one day: Switzerland is close (both Italian-speaking part and German-speaking part) and a visit to Locarno can easily be arranged. Zermatt and the Matterhorn as well as Milan are possible destinations for day trips from lake Maggiore.

Within a relatively short distance of Lake Maggiore, travellers have the opportunity to explore some of Italy's most diverse, inspiring and beautiful landscapes, including the Alps. On a day trip you can leave the exotic setting of Lake Maggiore and find yourself immersed in a spectacular alpine scenery. Mountain trips are suitable for both expert walkers and traditional tourists who just want to discover the Alps with no physical effort.

You could also be on two extraordinary lakes in a day: exclusive Lake Orta, little known, but undoubtedly the most charming and romantic Italian lake which is located only a short drive from lake Maggiore and Stresa.

Day-tours to lake Como and lake Lugano are possible too.


Discover the tours: Lake Orta 

Travellers who have had the chance to visit lake Orta haven't been disappointed. On the contrary they have been favourably impressed by its mysterious, magical and serene athmophere. Lake Orta and Orta San Giulio reveal themselves as a surprising place and it's astonishing how this lovely corner of Italy is often unheard of out of Italy (as well as in Italy!), even though it is more fascinating than other well-known (and sometimes overrated) places in the Italian Lake District. Once discovered, Lake Orta reveals all its charm and often becomes a favourite place where many holiday-makers who have grown fond of it, come back year after year. Lake Orta could be chosen as a day-trip from Maggiore or, for those who wish an authentic and tranquil destination, as a base for a holiday.