Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands for small parties & group tours

Tours for groups and small parties: Stresa, lake Maggiore, lake Orta

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 Micaela Lucini


Guiding services, excursions and tourist assistance are suitable for ready-made groups who come to lake Maggiore, Stresa and lake Orta.

Escorted and guided group tours offered by Lake Maggiore Stresa Tours are not available for individuals who wish to share a tour with others.

If you are a single traveller, a couple, a family or a small party, Lake Maggiore Stresa Tours will take you on a private customised tour of the chosen destination and you will not share your tour with others.

Tours and excursions shared with other travellers and tourists are not available.

So group tours are only for ready-made groups

Ready-made groups can enjoy a private tour of the chosen destination: Stresa, Borromean islands, isola Bella, lake Orta and Orta San Giulio, Arona, Villa Taranto gardens....

If it's a group tour of the Borromean islands and isola Bella, meeting point to start the tour will be one of lake Maggiore's piers: Stresa, Baveno, Verbania Pallanza.

For other itineraries, if it is a coach excursion, meeting point can be the hotel lobby, bus parking, or a different point that will be fixed upon booking.

Meeting points are always easy places to find.